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493A Devon St E
New Plymouth, Taranaki, 4312
New Zealand

06 758 0282

Welcome to The Hounds Hangout Dog Daycare!  The newest and first of its kind opening soon in New Plymouth!

An exciting indoor adventure playground for dogs...

The Hounds Hangout is Taranakis first professional Doggy Daycare offering  positive, fun filled days for your best friend to play, exercise and socialise with other doggy pals while the rest of the family are busy or at work and school!

With friendly trained and experienced staff we provide personal human care and constant supervision, space to run and play with plenty of other awesome K9 company, exciting toys and games and of course those quiet comfy spots for a bit of R+R.

The Hounds Hangout is dedicated to ensuring your dog loves their time with us and is returned to you at the end of each day happy, tired and completely fulfilled giving you peace of mind and a relaxed evening!

Terms and Conditions

The Hounds Hangout Terms and Conditions

1. Vaccinations

• All dogs must be fully vaccinated for Lepto Virus, Parvo Virus and Kennel Cough.
• Vaccinations must be kept up to date whilst your dog/s attend daycare.
• There will be a two week wait period before starting daycare after your dog/s have received their vaccinations if they are not yet up to date.
• Although we will send out reminders, if due vaccination dates lapse we require your dog does not attend daycare for two weeks after the vaccine has been given.
• The Hounds Hangout requires proof of vaccinations for our records.

2. Health

• If your dog is unwell or has an injury, we ask that they do not attend daycare until they are back to full health. In some cases we will require a vets approval as to when its safe for your dog to return. We ask that you notify us as soon as possible if your dog will not be attending daycare.
• Flea and worm treatments must be kept up to date at all times.
• All dogs must be free from any conditions that could potentially spread and jeopardise other K9 members.
• We keep our environment clean and hygienic although it is important for owners to keep an eye on and regularly check your dog/s health and well-being. Check your dog’s pads, paws and joints for any sign of discomfort or irritation. Dogs can share coughs, sniffles, eye infections and more. The Hounds Hangout will not be accountable for any vet bills of this nature.
• All dogs must be neutered/spayed.
• Puppies that aren't de-sexed are able to attend but are required to be de-sexed before 8 months old.
• Female puppies may not attend daycare whilst on heat and for up to two weeks after.
• Puppies are able to attend daycare from 16 weeks old subject to their vaccination status.
• Puppies that require lunch to be fed… Please label and bring this with you on your puppies day/s of attendance.
• If your dog is fed in the morning please ensure they are fed at least one hour before arriving at daycare. This allows the food to digest before exercise to help prevent any vomiting or bloat.

3. Behaviour and Safety.

• Owners must read, fully understand and sign the Enrolment form and our Terms and Conditions.
• All dogs must be well socialised or in training.
• Any aggression or possessiveness will not be accepted or tolerated (this will be discussed with owners and may lead to the dog being denied service).
• No excessive play barking, although we will happily work with you and your dog in attempt to minimise this if it is an issue.
• All dogs must arrive no later than 9:30am, with a suitable collar and on lead.
• No owner or persons associated with the dog may enter the daycare premises unattended or without the permission from a Hounds Hangout staff member.
• The Hounds Hangout has the right to refuse service to any dog or owner at anytime and for any reason.
• The Hounds Hangout is a cage-free leash-free (free run) daycare. Our staff are trained and experienced, we use our skills and knowledge of dog behavior to prevent any issues or altercations arising.  We strive to maintain a safe, positive environment at all times. Dogs use their teeth like we use our hands, they wrestle and grab at each others necks in a game. This is all normal dog play although occasional scrapes, nicks and even punctures can occur. You understand and accept the risks involved and agree The Hounds Hangout Dog Daycare is not liable for any vet bills resulting from an injury or illness.
• If an emergency or any medical problems/injuries develop while your dog is in daycare and you or the emergency contact is unavailable, You authorise The Hounds Hangout staff to do whatever they deem necessary for the safety, health and well-being of your dog, and you agree to assume full financial responsibility for any and all expenses incurred.


4. The Hounds Hangout Pre-Daycare Assessment

All dogs attending The Hounds Hangout must undergo a Pre-Daycare Assessment.  The assessment takes place on your dogs first morning of attendance and carries on throughout their first day with us.  The assessment is designed to evaluate your dog's social temperament and to ensure they will feel comfortable in the off-lead 'pack' environment.

  • On your dogs first day, you must arrive no later than 7:10am
  • The assessment fee is a one off cost of $15 (excluding the daycare fee)
  • Some dogs may behave differently or become protective of their owners around un-familiar dogs or people.  For these reasons owners are not required to take part in the Pre-Daycare Assessment

During the Pre-Daycare Assessment your dog will be evaluated for...

  • Temperament and social skills
  • Health and wellness check
  • Comfort levels around other dogs
  • Any issues with aggression, possessiveness,  nerves, anxieties, stress 
  • Excessive barking

5. Payments

• At The Hounds Hangout we have limited positions available. Dogs are booked in on their set  days each week. Booking your dog on regular days of attendance will ensure your dog's spot at daycare as well as provide them with a sense of routine and familiarity within the ‘pack’

• Payments must be made on the day of your dogs attendance or in advance, at reception, via Eftpos, Cash, Visa or MasterCard. We do not accept cheques.   Please note: There is a surcharge for all payments made by credit card.

• If your dog is booked in for particular days each week you must provide us notice of cancellation or change in day as soon as possible via phone call, text or email.  

• Each customer is allocated 4-8 days per year where they are not required to pay for their dogs non attendance.. Dogs attending once per week are allocated 4 days off, free of charge, dogs booked twice or more per week are allocated 8 days off, free of charge.  Once these 4-8 days are used up you accept that you must pay for your dog's daycare spot if they are not in attendance..  These 4-8 days do NOT include days The Hounds Hangout is closed (Public Holidays/Christmas weeks), or if your dog is unwell and cannot attend daycare on a particular day or period of time. The Hounds Hangout will keep recorded the number of days your dog is away.

• Opening hours are Monday to Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm. You understand in failure to collect your dog before 5:30pm there will be an extra charge of $10 for every 15 minutes you are late.

• If your dog is not collected by 6:30pm and we are unable to contact you, The Hounds Hangout staff will take it upon themselves to make arrangements for overnight care at your expense of an additional $30 per dog.


6. General

• The Hounds Hangout may use any photos or video footage taken for our website, Facebook page or any marketing purposes. Please ensure you discuss this with us if you prefer not to have your dog included in this.
• The Hounds Hangout Dog Daycare reserves the right to change these terms and conditions and its prices from time to time at its sole discretion, with notice.
• The Hounds Hangout is committed to ensuring the privacy of our customers. Under no circumstances will we share your personal information unless authorised by you.

All owners are required to read and sign our Terms and Conditions and Enrolment Form before their dog/s attend the Hounds Hangout. 

Please contact us if you would like a copy of our Terms and Conditions sent to you via email