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493A Devon St E
New Plymouth, Taranaki, 4312
New Zealand

06 758 0282

Welcome to The Hounds Hangout Dog Daycare!  The newest and first of its kind opening soon in New Plymouth!

An exciting indoor adventure playground for dogs...

The Hounds Hangout is Taranakis first professional Doggy Daycare offering  positive, fun filled days for your best friend to play, exercise and socialise with other doggy pals while the rest of the family are busy or at work and school!

With friendly trained and experienced staff we provide personal human care and constant supervision, space to run and play with plenty of other awesome K9 company, exciting toys and games and of course those quiet comfy spots for a bit of R+R.

The Hounds Hangout is dedicated to ensuring your dog loves their time with us and is returned to you at the end of each day happy, tired and completely fulfilled giving you peace of mind and a relaxed evening!

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First Day - Induction & Assessment

Before booking an Induction day (First day), The Hounds Hangout require proof of up to date vaccinations for your dog.  Owners must also fill out an enrolment form, read and sign our Terms & Conditions.   

The Induction Assessment takes place on your dogs first morning of attendance and carries on throughout their first day with us.  The assessment is designed to evaluate your dog's social temperament and to ensure they will feel comfortable in the off-lead, 'pack' environment.  We will assess dogs for their next 3-5 visits before deeming them suitable for daycare.

  • On your dogs first day, you must arrive at 7:10am
  • Dogs need to arrive with a collar & on-lead
  • If your dog/puppy requires lunch, please bring this with you in a named container
  • The assessment fee is a one off cost of $15 (excluding the daycare fee)
  • Some dogs may behave differently or become protective of their owners around unfamiliar dogs or people.  For these reasons owners are required to leave before existing daycare dogs turn up from 7:30am

Arriving early allows The Hounds Hangout staff time to assess and bond with your dog one on one, this also gives the new dog a relaxed opportunity to 'sniff out' the daycare premises where they will be spending their day.  Being the first to arrive also allows your dog to meet the existing daycare dogs one by one as they turn up.


During the induction process & Assessment your dog will be evaluated for...

  • Temperament and social skills 
  • Comfort levels around  other dogs within the daycare environment
  • Any concerns around aggression, resource guarding, nerves, anxieties, stress & excessive barking

While we believe the physical and mental benefits of daycare do wonders for most dogs and their owners, just like children beginning kindergarten, some dogs can take a while to ease in.  It may take 3-4 visits for your dog to adjust and feel comfortable in the pack environment.

Remember daycare and the pack environment is not suitable for every dog.  If we believe your dog will not settle into daycare comfortably... Please do not take offence... This does NOT mean you have a 'bad' dog.  We are simply ensuring the well-being and safety of all dogs attending The Hounds Hangout including yours.  We realise some dogs are better suited and happier in alternative environments & can recommend some other suitable options if need.